Why I Also Make Housecalls

While some clients book traditional consultations at my office, I always make myself available for home visits with my clients. While the idea of a housecall has gone the way of black & white televisions, I find that meeting clients in their home, on their “turf,” helps make what is usually an emotional process, a bit more comfortable. In their home, clients tend to be more relaxed and at ease. The conversation goes a different way and I can sense the pride they have in sharing their home with someone. Coffee and tea flow more easily and taste better from your favorite mug than a styrofoam cup.

As an elder law attorney, our conversation eventually moves to the business at hand and it’s much much easier for a client to get an idea of what they’ll be leaving behind if the items are right there. Important paperwork is never forgotten as it’s right where the client always keeps it. Clients tend to be more thoughtful and less distracted when in a familiar environment. With so much legal language to deal with, it’s better for a client to be relaxed and more attentive.

Ultimately, a home visit allows me to get to know my client and understand their needs better. It gives me the chance to be attentive to them without outside distraction. With seniors, I can also see their current state of living, if they have all the things they need and maybe attend to some previously unaddressed issues. What many might see as a bother – a housecall – I consider an honor and a blessing.

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