Major Life Events Provide an Opportunity for your Estate Plan Review

Last night I spoke at the Lutheran Health Care Center in Worcester. One attendee asked, “How often should I review my current estate plan?” It is very important to review your family’s financial and estate plan at least every 3-5 years. The general rule is that the older you are, the more frequent your reviews should be.

Another way to determine when you should schedule a review is when you or your family is/will be experiencing a major life event. Some examples of major life events include:

  • Marriage (yourself or your child)
  • Divorce (yourself or your child)
  • Birth of a child or grandchild
  • Death of a spouse or child
  • Change jobs with significant increase or decrease in income
  • Retirement
  • Purchase new/additional real estate
  • You move to another state or country
  • Start, close, or sell a business
  • Major Illness or disability of self, spouse, or child
  • Life Insurance/annuities
  • Wanting to make major gifts to friends, family, and/or charity
  • Major change in tax law

So, how are you supposed to keep track of “major changes in tax law?” Don’t worry. That’s where I come in. Every time there is a major change in a tax or estate planning law thay may effect your estate plan, I’ll send a letter out to you informing you of the change and suggest an estate plan review. Additionally, you’ll receive a similar letter if I haven’t sat down with you in the last five years.

As more major life events, how can I keep track of when ALL my clients have a baby, get divorced, change jobs, retire, etc. I’d love to, however, simply put, I can’t. That’s where you come in. Always remember to keep your estate planning and elder law attorney informed when major life events occur. That way I can determine if a review is necessary for your particular situation.


  1. i like your sensible, easy to understand approach to life planning. this is something that i need to update sooner, not postpone to later.

  2. Thanks Christine. I’d be happy to assist you with your planning needs when you are ready.

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